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"Red Line" shows Your way in Hanover

Hanover - the old German city and kinde of a small (population just over 500 000 people).Hannover are mostly famous as one of the largest exhibition centers in the world. The history of the world exhibition in Hanover begins in 1947 and culmination was the Millennium "EXPO 2000". Annually, the city takes the largest exebitions of the world, including CeBIT, April Industrial Exhibition, October INFA.

We accompany You (restaurants, shopping, airport), translator (German, Russian and Swedish language), individual transfers

We offer to the guests of Hanover:

City tour, duration 2.5 hours:

You'll see the old city with the remaining half-timbered buildings in the XVII. Visit the magnificent New Town Hall, were you can get acquainted with ancient legends and pages of glorious history of the city (one of the most glorious - an alliance with England, when the Hanoverian dynasty ruled in London). We getting to know the development of city untill XXI century. The real pride of Hanover - a unique complex of gardens, representing the entire history of landscape architecture in Europe XVII - XVIII centuries. During the summer season will bring you true pleasure visiting to the Royal gardens, with beautiful fountains, and floral compositions (in the summer season at the park entrance fee!).

Our recommendations:

  • visit the Royal Gardens Herrenhausen with greenhouses and Sea Life aquarium

    climb the tower at the New Town Hall (from April to September) and fell in love on the city from a height of 97 meters

  • visit one of the oldest and best Zoos in Germany (may take a whole day!)

  • if there is a wonderful holiday time for You - visit one of the resort Spa center of Hanover and area (hot salt springs, saunas)

  • to animals lovers we suggest the visit of safari park and bird park Walsrode with the best of the world collection of birds

Excursions around Hanover (possible to combine the routes you want):

  • Harz - a mountainous area, it´s about one and a half hours drive from Hanover. You can set a variety of excursions for all tastes: Goslar - an ancient city with a medieval castle, the residence of Emperor, Wernigerode - a charming half-timbered town with a magnificent castle in the XIX., Quedlinburg - a city under the protection of UNESCO. Many natural attractions: caves, mines mountain, Mt. Broken in Harz - the place for annual witches convent in Germany. "Place of Witches Dance" visited all year round to the delight of tourists, with a lots of local souvenirs and good German cuisine. If you have a wonderful time of rest - a few days at the hotel at every level, including the castlers with a good variety of wellness programs (SPA, massages, cosmetics, bath). We will help you with choosing and booking

  • Hildesheim, 50 km from Hanover, famouse for it´s Cathedral of St.Michail, new under the protection of UNESCO, the 1000-year-old rose bush, old half-timbered houses and at the center of the city - the most beautiful market square of Germany

  • Einbeck, 80 km from Hanover, the capital of beer, breweries from the Middle Ages, it was more than houses then! Half-timbered architecture, medieval wall, the "beer" route for the city guests

  • Braunschweig, 60 km from Hanover, the city was build by Emperor Heinrich the Lion from 1000 years of history

  • Wolfsburg, 90 km from Hanover, we recommend you visiting the museum factory Voklswagen "Autocity"- Lüneburg, 140 km from Hanover - one of the most charming cities in Northern Germany, the most reminiscent of "Northern Venice". Hanseatic past with the 1000-year history of trade with "white gold" (salt), is wonderfully preserved "brick gothic" (the city spared by World War II), a variety of museums (including the beer museum!) makes a visit to this unforgettable city.

  • Bremen, 130 km from Hanover, the city of "The Bremen Town Musicians", the former Hanseatic metropolis, proudly keeping the title of "Free and Hanseatic City" (not applicable to the Lower Saxony, although geographically not far from Hanover). The city will charm those who love the German legend, the Baltic Gothic, will please fans of museums. Equipped with the latest technology has recently opened "Universum" managed to become a symbol of the city. Visit the city fits well with the additional excursions: Bremerhaven Zoo, with its sea, idyllic beaches of the North Sea, a charming island Usedom and much more!

  • Celle, 40 km from Hanover, an oasis of traditional half-timbered architecture, castle, park, good restaurants. The city survived the destruction of the Second World War and a walk around the city center will bring great pleasure to lovers of antiques.

  • Hameln, 40 km from Hanover, the legendary city pied piper, where was born the most famous in the world of the German fairy tale.

  • Marienburg Castle, 20 km from Hanover, "Sleeping Beauty Castle", the residence of the royal fairy tale, romantic version of a medieval castle, Hannover gift to King George V's wife (entrance fee)

  • Bad Pyrmont, 70 km from Hanover, 30 km from Hamelin - spa city, the northernmost palm park in Germany